Offset utility installation costs and improve your project’s bottom line by outfitting your apartment building with natural gas amenities and appliances.

The Oklahoma Natural Gas Multi-Family Reimbursement Program allows developers who install natural gas amenities and appliances in their apartment buildings to earn up to $4,000 per unit [1] to cover the cost of venting and piping. [2]

Developers can earn additional rebates with the purchase and installation of energy-efficient natural gas appliances.

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[1] This is an approximate amount. Maximum amount per unit is based on rate schedule 101-B and tariff 1081. [2] Subject to funds availability.

key benefits

A reimbursement for you. More value for your tenants.

Cover construction costs

Reimbursement funds of up to $4,000 per unit can offset upfront capital costs of construction and installation with natural gas piping and venting. You may even save money depending on the energy sources used in the project.

Make your building stand out in the rental market

Make your apartment more appealing to potential tenants with luxury natural gas amenities. A more competitive apartment building can reduce vacancy periods and minimize renter turnover, which can often be costly.

Improve yield on cost ratio

Offering your tenants natural gas amenities and appliances has the potential to increase your operating income. You may be able to charge a premium on rent and save money on lower ongoing maintenance and utility costs.

Save rentable square footage

Tankless water heaters, which run on natural gas, are much smaller than traditional storage tank water heaters, allowing you to optimize valuable square footage in each unit. Tankless water heaters also provide your tenants with infinite hot water and lower bills.

program overview

Reimbursements are available for multi-family developments constructed in the state of Oklahoma that fulfill the following:

  • At least four units under one roof
  • Each unit must have an installed natural gas furnace and gas water heater
  • An individual natural gas meter for each unit
  • Must be an Oklahoma Natural Gas customer

Do the math on your project:

$200,000 [3]
$400,000 [3]
$600,000 [3]
$800,000 [3]
$1,000,000 [3]

[3] Calculation based on $4,000 reimbursement per unit. Does not include rebates.

reimbursement process

The process of earning your reimbursement is easy, especially with Oklahoma Natural Gas by your side.

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Fill out the form below and a member of the Oklahoma Natural Gas Business Solutions team will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Tell us about your project

Meet with us so we can learn about your development. We’ll talk about how the multi-family reimbursement program, as well as our energy-efficiency rebate program, can help you earn money back on your project.

Use our experts throughout installation

Our team of experts will work closely with your project team to create a project plan together and think through solutions for customer meter designs, layouts and service extensions.

Rely on us throughout the application process

We’ll partner with your team through the application process.

Receive your reimbursement check

Once your building’s individual natural gas meters are turned on, we will send your reimbursement check within 6-8 weeks of your application being submitted.

the partnership

Oklahoma Natural Gas is a customer-focused utility company that strives to be as responsive and easy to work with as possible.

Oklahoma Natural Gas has an entire team dedicated to making the process of outfitting your multi-family development with natural gas the no-fuss and financially sound option.

We’re customer-focused, which means we’ll take steps to work with you and be flexible with your project — including providing the natural gas infrastructure necessary for your project.

Oklahoma Natural Gas really has an advantage in that they're just more customer-focused when it comes to apartments.

Steven Watts
CEO, Rose Rock Development Partners

how we work with you

See if our program can improve your ROI.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with you and your team from the application process all the way to completion of your project.

Let us help you do the math

Case studies

Success Story

Historic Adams Building in Downtown Tulsa

How a Tulsa developer avoided a costly electrical vault upgrade using the Oklahoma Natural Gas Multi-Family Reimbursement Program

  • Number of Units: 65 units
  • Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Natural Gas Appliances: Range, water heater, furnace

appeal to tenants

The rental market is changing and more competitive than ever. Natural gas can help make your building stand out in a crowded landscape.

From millennials to baby boomers, Americans are changing what home ownership looks like, preferring to rent rather than purchase a home. Young professionals are staying single longer and enjoying the convenience of renting, while older empty nesters want to downsize and simplify their lifestyles.

However, renters still desire the amenities that a house offers. By offering natural gas appliances and luxury experiences, you can market your apartment directly to these potential tenants.

Reasons to choose natural gas

Natural gas offers immediate, infinite and precise heat

Natural gas delivers warmer heat, faster. It provides luxury experiences like an infinite supply of hot water and precision temperature control when cooking a meal. Plus, you can save money with natural gas appliances because of the lower maintenance and repair costs.

Natural gas is more environmentally friendly

Today’s renters are conscious of the environmental impacts of their lifestyle choices. Natural gas offers a more energy-efficient alternative to electricity. It’s worth pointing out to tenants that not only can they reduce carbon emissions by living in a unit powered by natural gas, they can also save money on their energy bills.

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